Frequent questions and their answers are listed below:

About membership

Q: When I apply, the signatures of two recommenders are required. How can I get them?

A: We recommend that a representative of a Malaysian company follow a mega bank, major insurance company, etc. that has business with a Japanese parent company.

Q: Do I need to submit the original application form?

A: You may fill out all the entries and apply online or send a copy by email.

Introduction of company services and products

Q: Can non-members share information about services and products with JACTIM members?

A: Currently not supported. The following services are available when you join. Please consider joining this opportunity. For details of enrollmentHere

Q: When I join, in what form can I introduce information about our services and products to JACTIM members?

A: Currently, members can use the following methods.

1 JACTIM bulletin: Advertising or flyer inclusion in a journal published four times a year

2Use your company's PR or introductory session in the regular industry section or regional section

3Malaysia's Handbook: Advertising on a business guidebook published once every three years

4 Banners posted on the website

About the subcommittee

Q: I would like to change the subcommittee. Is this possible?

A:The membership group cannot be changed, but other registered groups can be changed. I would like procedure from various notices of change. However, please refrain from frequent changes in group registration. Please note that it will take some time for the changes to be reflected. For more information, please refer to the Q & A “When do changes take effect?”

Q: How many subcommittees can I register?

A:You can register for a single membership fee for up to 3 divisions (including the registration fee for a single registration group). If you wish to register more than that, please refer to the following. However, if you are an individual member or an overseas member, you cannot register for more than 4 divisions.

(Corporate member)
1 unit: up to 3 subcommittees, 2 units: 4-5 subcommittees, 3 units: over 6 subcommittees

Q: What are you doing in the subcommittee?

A: The content varies depending on the subcommittee.
Lectures, announcements from participants, and secretariat reports are common. Also, during the time before and after the meeting, exchanges between the participants take place to help build a network. Please contact the secretariat for details of each subcommittee.


Q: I am a non-member, can I view member information?

A:I can not see. Member information can only be viewed by members. Please consider joining this opportunity. Click here for details

Q: Can I share the member list with customers (non-members)?

A: Sharing to non-members is prohibited by the “Rules for Handling Member List”. For details, please refer to the “Rules for Membership Handling”.

Q: Is it possible to send a direct mail to the address on the member list?

A:Using the member list, sending direct mail to unspecified number of people and distributing emails is prohibited by the “Member List Handling Rules”. For details, please refer to the “Rules for Membership Handling”.