A member's basic activity is participation in a subcommittee. The content varies slightly depending on each subcommittee, providing useful information to members, such as lectures, company PR, and advisor reports, as well as a place for information exchange between members.

You can register with other subcommittees separately from the regular subcommittee, so you can interact across industries. For details of the latest groupEventPlease check more.

Industry Subcommittee: Held every month (except March, August and December), Regional Subcommittee: Held differently depending on the region

Industrial group

About 32 industrial groups0社(本籍)の会員企業が所属するJACTIM最大の部会で、以下の3群で構成されています。


Food, Textile, Wood, Pulp, Paper, Chemical, Rubber, Ceramics, Packaging materials, Furniture, Stationery, Toys, Sporting goods, Rubber, Wood, Palm oil, Fisheries, Commodity trading, Oil, Gas 


Steel, non-ferrous metals, metal products, machinery, transportation equipment, precision equipment, plants, and other related items



Construction Group

About 40 companies (registration) member companies belong to the Construction Subcommittee. Mainly companies such as construction, equipment construction and construction consulting.

Finance Group

There are about 30 member companies in the Financial Committee. Mainly companies such as banks, securities, leasing, non-life insurance.

Every February, a golf tournament is held jointly with the Trade Subcommittee.

Trade Group

The Trade Subcommittee has about 50 member companies. Mainly trading companies such as trading companies.

Every February, a golf tournament is held jointly with the Financial Committee.

Service Group


Penang Division

The Penang Regional Subcommittee is made up of about 60 member companies from Penang and Kedah states, and because companies from various industries gather, it is possible to exchange a variety of information. Once a day, lectures, company reports, social gatherings on the first day, golf on the second day, and activities regularly for two days each time.

A joint subcommittee with the Pella Regional Subcommittee is also held once a year.

Perak Section

The Pella Regional Subcommittee is made up of approximately 10 member companies from Pella and Pahang provinces, and regularly conducts lectures, company reports, social gatherings, etc. once every three months. We also carry out original activities closely related to the community, such as plant tours at the subcommittees.

Held once a year with the Penang Regional Subcommittee, we interact with member companies inside and outside Pella.

Melaka Section

The Malacca Regional Subcommittee is made up of approximately 10 member companies. Information exchange and exchange activities are conducted once every four months through lectures, company reports, and social gatherings.

Johor sectional meeting

The Johor Group consists of approximately 70 member companies. Basically, four times a year, lectures on the first day, reports from each company, social gathering, and golf on the second day, two days of information exchange and exchange. We conduct activities to deepen regularly.



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