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You can place your ad on the JACTIM website or in the following ways: Advertising is limited to members and is not recruiting or posting to non-members. In order to stimulate JACTIM activities, please use it to promote your products, improve access to your site, and improve your image.

Website banner

Not only member companies but also local companies who want to have contact with Japanese companies and Malaysian business information in Japan and abroad visiting our website for business information.

Luxurious posting methods and benefits

It will be displayed on the top page with 3 rotations of 2 companies at a time (only 6 companies in total). E-mail magazines delivered monthly to all members in and outside Malaysia also have the benefit of posting a corporate logo.


It is published four times a year as a JACTIM paper. The newsletter is delivered to all 600 domestic and overseas members, and is circulated to all employees in the member companies and widely subscribed.

Various columns posted

In addition to JACTIM's business activities, there are plenty of contents such as interview articles that reported to the people and companies talked about by the public relations committee members, introduction articles of new assignments of those who were once stationed in Malaysia, within the member companies This is a widely read book.

Malaysia Handbook

A book that is indispensable for doing business with a lot of information about Malaysia! Not only Japanese companies in Malaysia but also various research institutions and universities are widely used.

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