The Malaysian Japanese Chamber of Commerce (JACTIM) aims to promote the economic development of Japan and Malaysia through trade, commerce, industry and investment activities while promoting the interests of Japanese companies and mutual friendship among members. It was established.

In addition, under JACTIM, JACTIM FOUNDATION (chamber of commerce and industry fund) was established by participation of all members, and contribution activities not only to economic aspects of Malaysia but fields such as culture, society and education, and mutual understanding Promote friendship and goodwill by promoting the

In order to achieve these goals, since its foundation in 1983, based on the basic philosophy of "the spirit of Japanese in the inner. The humble feeling towards the outside" as a backbone, as a useful business center for Japanese companies In addition, we are developing various activities for the harmonious development of Malaysian economy and society and the establishment of a solid Japan-Ma relationship.

And that activity has received high acclaim from Japan and Malaysia, and has carved a history as a cornerstone of Japan-Ma relations.

This logo is drawn to pray that JACTIM will be a bridge between Japan and Malaysia. The bridge from “JA”, which represents Japan, passes through the great sky to “M” in Malaysia.

The three stars of hope seen through this bridge are the development of the two economies based on trade, industry and investment, and the shining star looking down on this bridge means the development of each company as an international company You are