Management Affairs Committee

Research and analysis on the corporate management and the government's policy concerning this and compilation of opinions

 Collection and analysis of information on wages at work, workplaces, labor agreements and other general labor conditions

 In-company education, acceptance of trainees, collection and analysis of information on overall technology transfer

 Public relations and public relations with the government, related organizations, and media

Trade and Investment Committee




Research Committee

Creation of statistics and surveys on corporate activities of Japanese companies

Creation and distribution of various materials for the convenience of other members

Dispatch of survey team and mission

Public Relations Committee

Creation and distribution of newsletters and other public relations materials

Planning and implementation of seminars, lectures and exhibitions

(Except those under the jurisdiction of other committees)

SMI Committee

Management consultation room for small and medium-sized enterprises, response to management problems



Dialogue with the Malaysian government in relation to small and medium policy companies, such as recommendations on supporting industry promotion (cooperation with the Executive Committee and the Trade and Investment Committee)

International Cultural Exchange Committee

 Promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Malaysia through cultural exchange

 Promote projects that contribute to Malaysian society

Administration Committee

 Development of income and expenditure budget and business plan

 Membership application qualification examination

 Recruitment of staff, decision such as salary

 Creation of rules

 Other matters related to general management of the chamber of commerce

 Government policy
(Except those under the jurisdiction of other committees)

 Acceptance of survey team and mission

 Promotion of enrollment promotion activities for new company members)

Financial Committee

Financial matters in general, including medium- and long-term issues

Examination of income side and expenditure side about JACTIM and JACTIM FOUNDATION

Thing about grant from government